Online Betting

  29 Mar 2017
Online betting has become legal in Singapore after our Government approved the applications of two operators, Singapore Pools and Singapore Turf club in 2016. It was my concerns about the easy access to these games virtually 24/7 available in almost every home and mobile devices.

I am particular concern about our younger generations who may never go to the Turf club to gamble horse betting physically before,  is now open to this game at the comfort of their own home. Although I appreciate our government had implemented a set of social safeguard measures to contain and control the potential of remote gambling to cause harm to vulnerable persons and society at large,  but still it remains to be seen if remote operators will be able to employ effective methods to prevent our young persons from accessing their online platforms and been hooked in gambling addictions.  ( readers may read about Shawn, how he was hooked in online gambling and how it starts his nightmare of winning money….losing money….and ended up working as runner for ah long…….) I hope his testimony will awaken those young persons before it is too late.

Jolene, Chairman of A2C.