Our counsellors are professionally trained to provide guidance as well as a listening ear to hear the individual’s struggles.

We provide counselling for families affected by problem gambling and will do house visits where necessary.


We provide 10 complimentary sessions for individuals and families affected by problem gambling on how to overcome addiction and its related issues.
Our facilitators are trained to offer a space where individuals are encouraged to disarm themselves to share their struggles where life can be lived without fear and where support can be found.

The sessions are conducted in a fun and interactive way where individuals and their family members are encouraged to participate and learn how to overcome issues related to gambling addiction and debt issues related to legal and illegal moneylenders.


We have many years of experience of acting as a mediator between borrowers and the legal moneylenders. We also partner and share resources with other organizations to provide assistance holistically to individuals and families trapped in over-borrowing issues.

We serve all races and without religion prejudice to help those who are plagued with debts related to legal and illegal moneylenders.


We have set up this self reliance programme since 2011, and has trained at least 6 families how to earn a decent living through our “Rojak hawkering” programme. We have encountered gamblers who had lost their jobs because of their gambling habits and mostly are odd job laborers whose salary is insufficient to provide
for their family.

This has inspired us to create this self reliance programme to enhance their earning power so that they can earn enough to provide for their family and repay their gambling debts.  Individuals will go through at least two months of training through actual rojak making by taking orders from church members who act as their customers during church service on sundays, before they have confidence to embark on their new journey as Rojak Hawkers.


我们发现在帮助赌徒改过自新的同时若不先解决他们的温饱问题,就很难鼓励到这些赌徒成功戒掉赌博的坏习惯。这就启发了我们开创第一个自立根生技能培训课程。受益者会经过两个月的实际培训课程而且我们会特意安排受益者正式“开档买罗惹“ 给教会的会友来品尝。透过这样的实际培训我们希望受益者能够有足够的经验和信心自己去创业成为一名”罗惹小贩”。