Testimonial: Ang Seng Huat & Helen Liew

  11 Jun 2019

One of our Success Stories: Seng Huat & Helen 

Mr Ang Seng Huat, works as a taxi driver to support his wife, Helen, 2 children and his mother. Being unsatisfied with his earnings, he decided to enter a club with jackpot machines, considering it as an “easy” way to earn money and for the fast cash excitement. He thought that, why should he slog so hard and yet earn lesser than gambling? Seng Huat eventually became addicted after a win, and frequently return to the club to wait on another winning, which never happened again.

To feed his addiction, he has approached and borrowed from more than 20 legal moneylenders & several illegal ones as well. The mountain of debts, together with his bank loan, forced him to sell his 1st HDB flat to repay what he owed and shamefully asked his family and friends for assistance. However, the urge to recuperate his losses inevitably returned Seng Huat to the vicious cycle of gambling and borrowing once more.

With the harassment of illegal moneylenders and the inability to service his loans, Seng Huat lost all hope, motivation and the will to live, driving him to think of suicidal thoughts. The situation that he placed himself and his family in jeopardy drove Helen to kick him out of the house and was ready to serve him with divorce papers. Seng Huat subsequently went into a dark stage of mental health and was admitted to IMH.

Through a friend’s recommendation, Helen contacted Pastor Jolene as the final straw for Seng Huat to mend his ways and with the heart to continue to give her children a complete family. However, she was adamant to sign the divorce papers if just one moneylender were to appear at her doorstep. Through Pastor Jolene’s counsel, she promised Seng Huat a 6-month grace period to ascertain his willingness to change. Pastor Jolene has also intervened through negotiations with the legal moneylenders for a longer repayment scheme to slowly but surely repay all his debts.

Today, both Seng Huat and Helen are volunteers of Arise2Care, sharing their testimony and supporting people who are going through similar experiences. Seng Huat has also become one of voluntary counsellors to support in the moneylender negotiations and giving advice to problem gamblers.


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