Illegal Moneylender Harassment Case: Vincent Lim

  24 Jul 2019

Testimonial: Vincent Lim

Mr Vincent Lim, 36, was continuously harassed by illegal moneylenders after borrowing just once from them 5 years ago. He borrowed a mere $500 and have completely returned his debts. However, the illegal moneylenders deposited another $800 to his account and insisted that he pay double-fold back ($1600) to them as “interest”.

As they constantly threaten Vincent that they will visit his house if he does not pay up and worried that his wife & only son will leave him, he has given a total of $34,000 to the illegal moneylenders through borrowing from bank loans, friends and extended family. The stressful situation has led Vincent to drown his sorrows in alcohol and resulted in losing his job as a tour guide.

Then one day, the illegal moneylenders managed to contact his wife and ask her to return the debts he owed. Without a doubt, she called him to file the divorce, taking their son with her. When Vincent received the news while drinking in the nightclub and the considerations that he has no job and only $10 left in his bank, he took the plunge and jumped from the 3rd floor of the nightclub, ended up partially blind and little strength to lift heavy objects. During his stay in the hospital, the illegal moneylenders did not stop the harassing at his house and even started to harass his neighbours.

The team at Arise2care was alerted of his circumstances and intervened by building back his confidence and mentally recuperate from the situation. Through our intervention, Vincent has managed to recover well and was taught tactics to tackle the harassment. For example, he placed a security camera which caught the illegal moneylenders in the act of splashing paint onto his neighbour’s door and brought them to justice.

Furthermore, we have assisted Vincent to stand up again by encouraging him to try the food delivery career and he is currently doing well. We have also successfully petitioned for a 1 room rental flat from the government for Vincent, which gave him a confidence boost to refresh and continue his journey of recovery.

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