29 Mar 2017


My name is Helen, a wife of a hopeless gambler and hope my testimony can encourage some of you who are experiencing the “nightmares”   which I have been through and lasted for few years of torment, fear and hopelessness.

Because of my husband’s addiction to gambling, I sold my house to repay his debts, I exhausted all my savings but it seems like a bottomless pit.   The Loanshark’s  harassments and their threatening calls have put great fear in me and my kids who are just 6 and 12 yrs old during that time of turmoil.  My husband did not stop even with all these loansharks’ issue, he went deeper into debts with the legal moneylenders to feed his gambling addiction and soon I was left alone to face their debt collectors every day to chase for payment.

My husband went into depression and was warded in IMH for suicidal attempt.   To end all these torture and fear, I decided to divorce my husband and kick him out of our family for a period of time.   My family has crumbled and I see no hope in this man until I met a counsellor whom came to visit me and counsel my family.

Through her intervention, my husband managed to quit his gambling addiction and now he is working hard to repay all his debts.  I am thankful to Jesus whom we came to know and since then, joy and peace came back to my broken family.
Today, we had become the volunteers of Arise2care Community and helping families like us.  We hope to encouraged couples never give up your marriage because of your spouse’s gambling addiction. There is always a way out when there seems to be no way!