Insight to Our Weekly Wednesday Sessions!

  23 Apr 2018

Arise2Care (A2C) offers counselling and problem gambling group therapy every Wednesday (7:30pm-9:30pm) at our campus in Tai Seng. We strive to provide a safe environment for clients to share their problem gambling and family issues without fear. We understand that many may come to us with concerns of legal and illegal moneylending, family issues and hopelessness as an individual, but we always ensure our clients leave our compounds with directed solutions and a heart of peace after participating in our counselling and sharing sessions. At A2C, we always accommodate diverse needs and welcome all gender and ethnicities to seek help from our centre.

兴 起 社 区 关 怀 (A2C)会在每逢星期三晚上(7:30 – 9:30)提供免费戒赌课程给嗜赌者以及他们的家人来参加。地点就在大成地铁站出口B旁边。 我们提供一个安全的环境让嗜赌者与家人能够敞开心情的分享。因害怕大耳窿的骚扰以及合法贷款公司的债务压力, 有不少顾客会带着一个沉重的心情来。但是,经过我们的辅导与课程,顾客会带着一个平安的心灵与解决方案的心情回家。A2C欢迎所有不同种族向我们的中心寻求帮助。

We provide interactive and interesting games to promote teamwork and problem solving as a group.  Our clients and their family members come together as a team to play and participate in these games.   We create a fun filled environment where individuals are inspired to think out of the box on how to tackle their problems.  We believed a joyful heart naturally brings healing and restoration of life.



Are you feeling helpless because of overwhelming moneylender debts?
Have no idea how to overcome your gambling addiction?


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A2C Ladies Fellowship

  12 Apr 2017
One Sat per month (130 to 330pm)
"No lady is an island. We live beautifully when life is shared".

We welcome all ladies from different culture or races.
We bake, we knit, we cook, we laugh, we play, we share, building the bond of friendship among the ladies.
If you have any good recipes come and share with us, if you are adventurous come and create events with us!

Online Betting

  29 Mar 2017
Online betting has become legal in Singapore after our Government approved the applications of two operators, Singapore Pools and Singapore Turf club in 2016. It was my concerns about the easy access to these games virtually 24/7 available in almost every home and mobile devices.

I am particular concern about our younger generations who may never go to the Turf club to gamble horse betting physically before,  is now open to this game at the comfort of their own home. Although I appreciate our government had implemented a set of social safeguard measures to contain and control the potential of remote gambling to cause harm to vulnerable persons and society at large,  but still it remains to be seen if remote operators will be able to employ effective methods to prevent our young persons from accessing their online platforms and been hooked in gambling addictions.  ( readers may read about Shawn, how he was hooked in online gambling and how it starts his nightmare of winning money….losing money….and ended up working as runner for ah long…….) I hope his testimony will awaken those young persons before it is too late.

Jolene, Chairman of A2C.